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Make(ex Integromat)
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As a Certified Make professional, we specialize in providing expert automation solutions, seamless integrations, and API-driven processes. We hold status of Gold Partner with Make, a leading integration and automation platform. We leverage Make's powerful capabilities to connect your tools and make your business processes flow effortlessly. We take pride in our ability to create custom applications tailored to your unique business needs. This Gold Partnership solidifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled services, making us your trusted partner in the world of automation and integration

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Make(Integromat) Gold Partner

We have done hands on training from Make. We have clear understanding of Automations, Integrations and Custom App building and how to implement these and get most out of Make(ex Integromat). for Project Management

Problem: Company was in need of tracking progress of projects and also wanted to share it with client and also integrations with Slack, Outlook calendar.


Solution: We did a deep dive session with them to understand their processes and workflow. We designed the boards in which we used Time Tracking Column, that column is useful for higher level management to see who spent how much time on a project. Then We designed dashboards for each member as well for higher authorities. We used monday integration center to build the automations for Slack and outlook calender. We also created monday workforms which they using right now on website.

monday pmo setup.png
mondaydotcom_crm_template_included_dashboard.png SalesCRM implementation

Problem: Company was in need of automations, measuring team KPI's and high level overview of everything in company in Sales Processes.


Solution: I designed dashboard, in which they can track their progress, they can see on which project who is working and what is the progress of project. I setup automations to save time. Then I optimized their boards by using formula column and automations. for HR Management

We implemented for HRM processes. Currently client can manage the following processes.

- Recruitment Pipeline

- Performance management

- Employees Onboarding

- Dashboard Reporting & Analytic

- HR General Requests & Vacation Management

- Integration with workday & BambooHR

HR management monday.png
monday campaign Management.png for Campaign Management

Problem: Our client was facing the challenge of efficiently managing the end-to-end lifecycle of campaigns, our client encountered bottlenecks in coordinating design, creative development, and launch preparations. 

Solution: With power of, we provided a centralized hub for managing the entire campaign lifecycle. From initial design concepts to creative development and readiness for launch, streamlined communication, enhanced visibility, and empowered the client to orchestrate seamless, end-to-end campaign operations. for Real Estate

Problem: Client encountered significant challenges in efficiently managing extensive portfolio of properties on the market. The absence of a centralized platform has made it difficult to seamlessly coordinate property listings, assign tasks to agents, store crucial contracts and images, and track the progress of their deals.


Solution: We did a deep dive session with them to understand their processes and workflow. We designed the solution for them which consist of:

- CRM Setup(Leads, Contacts & Deals Board)

- Rental Properties & Agent Task ManagementBoard

- Automation to notify Lead and Team Members

- Integration with Gmail & Aircall

- Dashboard to view Rental Income and Agents Tasks

monday real estate.png
monday integration with google ads facebook ads.png integration with Facebook & Google Ads

Problem: Our client faces a critical challenge in effectively monitoring the daily status of their Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. The current manual process of data collection is both time-consuming and prone to errors, making it difficult for the client to assess the impact of their advertising efforts promptly.


Solution: We implemented a solution leveraging monday Integration Center. By seamlessly integrating Facebook and Google Ads data into the monday platform, we have empowered our client with a centralized dashboard. This dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the key metrics, allowing the client to monitor the performance of their ad campaigns on a daily basis. integration with Salesforce

Problem: Our client faced a significant challenge in gaining a holistic view of their sales operations due to the lack of seamless integration between Monday and Salesforce. Specifically, the inability to access and visualize crucial data, such as the Quote object details and lead pipeline stages, created operational inefficiencies.

Solution: We implemented a tailored solution by establishing a robust integration between Monday and Salesforce. Through the use of custom SOQL queries, we efficiently retrieved and displayed Quote object data and lead pipeline stages directly within the Monday platform. This solution not only provided the client with real-time access to critical sales information but also eliminated the need for manual data retrieval and reconciliation.

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